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egies in upcoming states to deprive the GOP front-
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#1 am 16.05.2019 um 03:31h
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In an extraordinary move  nike air max 95 wholesale uk , Donald Trump's Republican rivals late Sunday announced plans to coordinate primary strategies in upcoming states to deprive the GOP front-runner of the delegates needed to win the Republican nomination.

Ted Cruz and John Kasich issued near-simultaneous statements outlining an agreement that may be unprecedented in modern American politics. The Kasich campaign will give Cruz "a clear path in Indiana." In return, the Cruz campaign will "clear the path" for Kasich in Oregon and New Mexico.

The arrangement does not address the five Northeastern states set to vote on Tuesday, where Trump is expected to add to his already overwhelming delegate lead. Kasich and Cruz had already retreated to Indiana  nike air max 97 cheap wholesale uk , which holds its primary on May 3. Yet the shift offers increasingly desperate Trump foes a glimmer of hope in their long and frustrating fight to halt the former reality television star's unlikely rise.

"Having Donald Trump at the top of the ticket in November would be a sure disaster for Republicans," Cruz's campaign manager, Jeff Roe  nike air max 97 wholesale uk , said in a statement explaining the new plans. "Not only would Trump get blown out by Clinton or Sanders, but having him as our nominee would set the party back a generation."

Added Kasich's chief strategist, John Weaver  nike air max 270 cheap wholesale uk , "Our goal is to have an open convention in Cleveland, where we are confident a candidate capable of uniting the party and winning in November will emerge as the nominee."

The announcement marks a sharp reversal for Cruz's team, which aggressively opposed coordinating anti-Trump efforts with Kasich as recently as late last week. And it only applies to Indiana  nike air max 270 wholesale uk , Oregon and New Mexico — three of the 15 states remaining on the Republican primary calendar.

Yet the development underscores a bleak reality for the billionaire businessman's Republican foes: Time is running out to stop him.

Trump responded on Twitter shortly before midnight: "Wow, just announced that Lyin' Ted and Kasich are going to collude in order to keep me .  Cheap Jerseys Online    Cheap Authentic Jerseys    Cheap Air Vapormax    Cheap Air Max Shoes    Cheap Air Max 90 Leather    Cheap Air Max 90 Shoes    Cheap Air Max 90 Ultra    Cheap Air Vapormax Womens    Cheap Air Vapormax Plus    Cheap Air Vapormax Flyknit 

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