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Qivana is a Network Marketing business that promotes wellness products. This is an acutely recent organization  Phillies Pete Rose Jersey , which just began business with IBOs, independent business owners, in 2009. The enterprise was organized by the following 5 men: Derek Hall, Rodney James, Devin Glazier, Justin Banner, and Craig Johnson, who are all veterans of the network marketing industry. They have backgrounds in network marketing enterprises like Xango Tahitian Noni, and NuSkin. Qivana's line of products was perfected primarily by one person, Dr. Marcus Laux. He is thoroughly skilled at naturopathic medicine, and is the Chief Science Officer of Qivana.

The Qivana Review discovers a 3-step health system: Stabilize, Vitalize and Optimize. The system is divided into two principal sections. The at the beginning there us the Qore System. This system is further subdivided into Qore Essentials, Qore Probiotics, Qore Defense, and Qore Detox. There are various kinds of nutritional products, expected to be taken in a specific order. The second is Metaboliq, which is principally a weight loss system. There are four primary products within the losing weight system: Metaboliq Shake, Metaboliq Stick, Metaboliq Boost, and Metaboliq Resist.

As of this writing, the introductory expense is $45.00, plus a product shipment, which starts at $65.00 monthly (on auto-ship) plus $250 to buy products to distribute. So the entire cost to activate your enterprise is $315.00, but various persons will purchase much bigger auto ship volumes, which enables them to become ready for higher payment arrangement profits from the commencement.

Qivana pays IBOs, Independent Business Owners, in three methods: organization Commissions, Bonuses, and Retail Commissions. The enterprise utilizes a Binary compensation arrangement. This means that your group of representatives will fall into two separate legs, left and right. The leg with lesser proceeds is where an IBO earns 10% of the total money of that leg. To begin gaining revenue you must be active with 100PV (point value) every month, have 500GV (group volume) or higher in the inferior leg, and directly sponsor at minimum 2 active IBOs, one in each leg. There is also a whole sequence of Bonuses in which added revenue are earned, which can add considerably to your revenue, and Retail Profits are gained when you sell a product.


One: The Qivana review shows that it is a new enterprise, which brings with it much enthusiasm, and the potentiality to be on the top of a huge downline of new representatives.

Two: Health and wellness is a speedily thriving industry, and persons who are drawn to these kind of products will often be considerably enthusiastic about them.

Three: As with any multilevel marketing home based business, there is no ceiling on earning potentiality.

Four: There is a relatively low cost to enroll in Qivana, by comparison to various other businesses out there.


One: New enterprises can go through growing pains, such as product delays, late checks, lost shipments, and perpetual policy changes.

Two: New companies regularly fail. Over 95% of network marketing organizations have gone the way of the dinosaurs.

Three: People who have challenges growing their team oftentimes cast away more resources for their auto ship products than they ever earn in earnings.

Four: The home based business uses a traditional word-of mouth class of marketing method. Persons frequently struggle with this method in the information age.

If you do get involved with Qivana, the one thing that I propose is that you be trained to grow your occupation with professional Internet-marketing methods, along side the relationship approach that Qivana teaches. There is a way to form your aggregate network marketing company much more effectively on the Internet.

Go to Qivana Scam
to comprehend the good and bad and make an educated choice.

Follow this link for a more detailed Qivana Review

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