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of the store, standing
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#1 am 09.09.2019 um 02:26h
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r that year, that year, on the eve of May 1st, 2012, because of an idiom: "Indignation" knows the poop restaurant. So, on the day of "May 1st", I took a five-hour train with a group of four people, including Ya Ya, and took a taxi of 34 yuan to finally arrive at the "Restaurant" on the first floor of the Ocean Department Store on Jianghan Road, Wuchang District. "Starting our experience journey at the corner of the first floor, we finally found the "Happy Holiday Theme Restaurant" with a blue background. Because of the festival, there are too many people to experience. In front of the small facade, there are a few gorgeous poop dolls at the welcome. The waiter will number the guests by group: two are called group A, three or more are called group B. We are 4 people, the number is B281, after waiting for more than 40 minutes at the door, it is finally our turn. We can't wait to go in, showing us a strange world in front of us: the dim light, the ambiguous mood. People are sitting on the toilet to eat, oh, how do you lie on the table like a washbasin, how the tableware looks like a urinal pool, and the cup with the drink is actually a toilet-like one; let��s take a look at the straw, God. The upper part of the mouth is even a bit of a poop! Oh, look up again, there is a mirror, according to the way we eat; on the wall, there are still two yukatas; the lamps, it is also the way of the sewer drainage pipe. The waiter took us to a seat where the guests had just finished eating and not cleaned up Marlboro Cigarettes. We were excited to hold the poop on the seat and it looked like it. I thought that in the restaurant, I would not want to eat anything disgustingly, but looked up and looked around: no one who was eating was vomiting, nor did a guest want to vomit. It seems that only the people who are in it have a feeling. It��s better to see it than to see it. This sentence really makes sense. The waiter came up. We started ordering: gold note, honey citron tea, two-color poop ice cream, and four packages, totaling 167 yuan. After the money was delivered on the spot, we began to wander around waiting. When I came to the operation desk, I found that the service desk was tall, and even my height of the meter six had to be tiptoed to level with the console. I could only see a lot of stool-type tableware and toilet-type cups. Some of the private rooms on the wall are still hanging a few pink bathrobes! However, in more than ten minutes, our meal came up. Ah, it��s beautiful: the pink ceramic urinal-style plate has two-color vanilla-style ice cream, with a chocolate tube on the side, a sip, a scent straight into the tip of the tongue; the solid color chocolate poop ice cream is really like a poop However, it lies in a pink bowl, and there is no feeling of vomiting; the pale yellow citron tea gives off a faint honey scent, and it is also alive with a sticky straw, because they are Packed in a yellow toilet-type ceramic cup; gold notes, only three banana-like fried noodles lie in the bowl of the urinal bowl, set off by the green leaves, bright and incomparable, let people reluctant to eat; come see us Four points of the meal: all yellow stool-style ceramic bowls Carton Of Cigarettes, yellow-red carrots, white rice, green and white cauliflower, a few cherries, golden fried taro slices, and ��The smelly beef... We can��t bear to take the spoon and fork directly, but enjoy it for a long time Marlboro Red, like enjoying a piece of art, can��t help but take out the camera and give them a shot. ! After optimistic, smelling, and taking a picture, we started to eat. I don��t know if it��s already full, or its color has played an excellent satiety role. The food we ordered was not finished. Standing up, licking the already full stomach, walking out of the store, standing in front of the store, leaving us a happy figure in the restaurant, the idea to win wealth; the restaurant, challenging the taste bud limit; the restaurant, creative win happy. It turns out that as long as you pay attention to observation, creativity is everywhere! Related articles: Cigarettes Online Newport Cigarettes
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