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Sitting on the
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#1 am 09.09.2019 um 04:26h
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Sitting on the bus, invited two companions, and did not bring any gifts, with a good mood, stepping on a path, to visit my friends in the mountains. When I walked into the mountain gate, I bumped into the breeze. The wind was filled with orange trees with spring and cherry blossoms. It was the first old friend I wanted to visit. Yichang is a orange town. When you walk into the wild, you can walk into the mountains. Orange trees can be seen everywhere. With the arrival of spring, the orange trees shake off the dead branches and leaves of the body, shake off a few oranges that the owner did not pick up, and started the spirit, revealing the new green, and sprouting new shoots. Orange tree, have you been growing on this mountain for more than ten years? Oranges are sold to the distant side every year, bringing joy to many consumers, and only you are still as old, staying on this green hill, continuing your own years and small flowers worthy of the land, I want Visited the second friend. As the spring breeze blows, all kinds of wild flowers are actually open. Look, the little yellow flower blossoms, smiles, welcomes us, I walked over, squatted down, gently sniffed, a scent of fragrance came out; oh Cheap Cigarettes, what flower is that, lavender The small flowers are hidden in a green leaf. It is so small, only the size of sesame seeds; the green and green rapeseed is also playing with flower buds Online Cigarettes, and some have exposed a faint yellow flower... I found a favorite, no name. Before the small flowers, look carefully at it: golden petals, green flowers, and a dew on the side. I gently bounced it, it was like a naughty doll, broke into the soil, disappeared from the tree. The bird's nest is the third friend I want to visit. "Look, the bird's nest!" The companion screamed, and I followed the sound: a tall tree, still bare branches, no new leaves, a branch at the top of the branch, a big bird's nest A black and white magpie stands on the side, I think, it must be guarding its own eggs or chicks! Our arrival disturbed it. It spread its wings and flew into the air. "Wow - wow - wow!" He called a few times. After a few turns, he flew back and stood by the bird's nest. We continue to search for one, two, three, four... The bird's nest keeps plunging into our sight. I observe, imagine the bird eggs inside and the warm bird house. The cherry blossoms in the mountains are me. The fourth friend to visit. Walking along, the cherry tree appeared, one, two, three or four, turning a corner, you can see the mountains and plains. The cherry blossoms, they stand on the branches, and they are very strong. A group, a cluster, a string, some are light pink, like a shy red cheek; some are red and white, like a peach of a tree; some are white of a tree, so pure white , so gorgeous, not charming, standing on the branch, laughing towards us, a spring breeze blowing, they gently swayed with the wind, smiled and said: "Welcome, welcome!" I can not help but come to a In front of the cherry tree that blossomed the most, I climbed a flower branch and left my own smile. With a full cherry blossom, bathed in the sea of ??flowers, we are intoxicated... The cherry blossoms are in various poses, holy as lilies, pure in lotus, smashed in sunflowers, beautiful in roses, this mountain of cherry blossoms, so beautiful, so extraordinary Everything in the mountains, which one is not my friend? I greet them eagerly: hello, steep cliff! The deep canyon sets off your tall and straight body. Hello, naughty sparrow, what are you talking about? I guess what you are talking about is the good scenery you see in flight. Picking up a wild flower, holding it in my hand, I smelled the fragrance of nature; folded a new green leaf to look at the cool juice, I saw the mystery of life contained in it; the bird screamed on the branch, the cow The children graze on the slopes, the sheep screamed, the villagers worked in the fields; oh, and the rumbling sounds from the quarrying factory made people feel the busyness and vitality of life! Climbing to the top of the mountain is the last stop we visited - farmhouse rice. I didn't expect the cherry blossoms to be full of flowers in front of the house. We ate in the flower bushes and went down the mountain. I waved gently, bid farewell to the friends in the mountains Cigarettes For Sale, brought back a good mood, good memories, and brought back the golden sunshine all the way back to the full spring! Related articles: Marlboro Red Cigarettes Online
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