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One day, I will be
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#1 am 21.05.2020 um 03:48h
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One day, I will be pale, relying on walking in a wheelchair, or supporting crutches. One day, I will lie on the bed and remember to be on the bed, divided into sections, one by one, piece by piece. I don't know which one, which one, which one. I can only remember that I still had the strength to play a ball, and I had the energy to fight in those years when I couldn't feel tired, the youthful days, the sweet and sour years. In our youth, there will be pain, tears, emotion, remorse, and heaven, you will lose some or many, one or many, get some or many, one or many. Own or lose. Pain or joy. On the road of more than ten years, we often get confused, and sometimes think that we know too much and know too much. Some people have been bland for more than ten years Cigarettes For Sale, while others have been vigorous for more than ten years. I do n��t know if you are bland or as brilliant as a flame. I think to myself; ��what a person wants is whether there is regret, not too much material, just use material to make you not regret it. Make you feel good. This is the case with youth. If you have only worked hard for more than a decade, you only have test papers, and you only have homework, then you may have really lived in vain. You have no youth like flames, you have no pain and happy enjoyment, you have no joy or sorrow to get or lose! It ��s really not worth it, even if it ��s your hypocrisy or artificial work, it ��s a spirit. In this era, in a bad environment. Most people's youth is just replaced by a few empty nouns, which is to work hard, eat and drink. . . . . . To explain it, there must be nothing wrong, people often say; after those hard years, let them live well in the future, or they will regret and cry when they are old, but I think otherwise, youth is the heyday of man, if he does not live It ��s beautiful, it ��s not exciting, it ��s no flames and icebergs, it ��s not bright, so how can it be called youth? Li Yuchun's "Like Fire" Online Cigarettes, "If we don't go crazy, we will get old, and if we get old, we will live like nothing" I think it makes sense! Youth on the left and years on the right. In those days, everything is worth remembering, even scars! We always emphasize strength when we say goodbye, say goodbye to old history, tear up tomorrow's calendar, say goodbye to my yesterday, I will pick you up, the leaves that are left, walk along the flame all the way Marlboro Lights, meet tomorrow If you learn to be strong, you cannot allow yourself to be weak. If you learn to smile, you will not be allowed to leave the tears to others. We are always changing like this, the world is changing. Youth on the left, years on the right, such a scorching heat, such a dazzling and hot tomorrow, more than ten years of flaming youth! Related articles: Newport Cigarettes Cigarettes Online
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