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Forum Forum: Testberichte Thread: New England’s fans have spoken."
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New England’s fans have spoken."
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#1 am 16.01.2020 um 02:54h
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After hanging out on the beach (quite literally) while the early free agency waters were raging Chase Winovich NFL Jersey , the New England Patriots jumped onto the second wave on Thursday: the team reportedly signed five unrestricted free agents in the form of wide receivers Bruce Ellington and Maurice Harris, special teams safety Terrence Brooks, defensive tackle Mike Pennel and to close out the day tight end Matt LaCosse.While the group does not feature the biggest of names, it certainly includes players capable of making an impact in all three phases of the game. Whether or not this will actually happen remains to be seen, but Patriots followers have at least somewhat mixed feelings regarding the five men. While all five of the acquisitions were seen as positive in our fan polls attached to the story of each signing, some graded out better than others.Let's quickly run through them.DT Mike PennelDespite being one of the better run-stuffers in football last year, the New York Jets opted to decline Mike Pennel's contract option for 2019. This, in turn, allowed him to sign with the club's rivals in New England — a signing that is seen as a positive one by Patriots fans, earning a B grade from more than half of the 2,042 voters. When putting numerical values to the grades (A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, F=5) Chase Winovich NFL Draft , we can see that the 27-year-old earns an average of 2.04 points. Possibly the player with the highest potential for a day-one impact brought in so far, Pennel enters the world champions' roster with comparatively high expectations.TE Matt LaCosseThe tight end, who is entering his fifth season in the league, entered the open market after the Denver Broncos declined to tender the would-be restricted free agent. Since he has a realistic shot at earning the number two tight end role alongside Rob Gronkowski, Patriots fans have graded the signing closer to B than C — his point average of 2.48 make the acquisition of LaCosse the second most popular among the five taking place yesterday.DB Terrence BrooksWhile listed as a safety, Terrence Brooks' impact is projected to come primarily on special teams: no player in the NFL played more snaps in the kicking game than the 27-year-old during the 2018 regular season. The former New York Jet may not get the biggest role outside of the game's third phase, but his acquisition was still seen as mostly positive: he earned a 2.54 point average — on the edge between B and C, but still rather solid.WR Bruce EllingtonOne of two wide receivers signed by the Patriots on Thursday, Bruce Ellington received the better grades than Maurice Harris. All in all, the former Houston Texans and Detroit Lions wideout earned an average of 2.73 points or roughly equivalent of a C, a grade 42% of the 683 voters picked. As comparatively average as the signing is viewed, the 27-year-old does have some upside to improve his grade: he has experience as a returnman and could help fill the void created by Cordarrelle Patterson's free agency departure. Furthermore, Ellington will not count against the compensatory draft picks formula as he was released from his last job.WR Maurice HarrisLike Ellington, Maurice Harris is viewed a bit more critical than the other three pickups. One reason for that might be his position: wide receiver is a prominent spot, but bigger-name second-wave players like Golden Tate or Randall Cobb were not signed by the Patriots (yet Chase Winovich Buffalo Bills Jersey , in Cobb's potential case). Instead, Harris was brought on board — an acquisition that earned a C from 45% of the 2,636 voters; the equivalent of 2.85 points on a numerical scale. Not bad per se, but clearly lacking compared to a players like Mike Pennel.All in all, though, none of the five moves earned a failing grade which shows that Patriots fans' expectations at this point in free agency could very well be summed up by this quote from Alec Shane's article Why do Patriots fans worry during free agency?: "The Patriots are going to be fine — they always are, and there are 18 seasons of evidence to back that up." Hard to argue with that.The State of the Patriots: Accountability Check The Patriots don't look very good right now. And unsurprisingly, folks everywhere seem to have plenty to say about it.The problem with these September takes is that, correct or incorrect, they get buried under the next four months of football and by the time December and January rolls around, the NFL is such a completely different place that nobody has the time or energy to go back and see what people thought as the season was kicking off. In that respect, anybody can more or less say anything they want, overlook the times they were completely wrong, and only focus on the times when they got it right.Which is the point of this article. My hope is for everyone who has a strong opinion on the state of the 2018 Patriots, one way or another Color Rush Chase Winovich Jersey , to express that opinion in the comments below. Tell us why the 2018 team is NOTHING like the 2003, 2004, 2018, and 2016 teams that all took a few beatdowns on the way to Super Bowl glory. Tell us why we have absolutely nothing to worry about. Lament the end of the dynasty. Acknowledge the small bump in the road. We all have an opinion on the way things are going and what the future holds, and we haven't been shy expressing those opinions on other articles and forums, so I'd like to see if I can get them all here and revisit them at season's end. Obviously, nobody knows what the next 13 weeks holds, and at the end of the day getting called out for being wrong (or praised for being right) isn't going to move the needle at all in the grand scheme of things. I just thought it might be a good exercise, for those of you who tend to live very much in the moment, to see how much can change - or not change - between now and the end of the season.Just to reiterate:by commenting on this article, you hereby give your permission to have that comment posted in an article I will put up at the end of the season in which I see who was right and who was wrong. If you were correct, you'll be acknowledged for it. If you were way off, be willing to face the music.Opposing fans welcome as well - just be ready for the potential consequences of accountability.
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