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Ultra high pressure manual pump
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#1 am 06.12.2018 um 03:39h
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Overview The ultra-high pressure manual pump is made of ultra-high-strength lightweight alloy material, high safety, ultra-light weight design, light weight of about 50% compared with the conventional model, light and easy to carry. Characteristics 1. Double plunger design, low pressure output, large flow, high pressure output, small flow, maximum pressure output up to 4000bar (400Mpa), even when the maximum working pressure is reached, only a small handle force is required. 2. The hand pressure pump has a built-in dual pressure relief valve to prevent pressure overload. 3. The built-in energy storage mechanism of the hand pressure pump ensures stable pressure. 4, special design fuel tank cap, can achieve oil tank seal leakage or ventilation to balance the pressure inside and outside the tank. It can work in the vertical state when the pump head is down. Mailbox: Website source: Related products: read more:
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