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Forum Forum: FAQ und Tipps Thread: Heat treatment process innovation for energy savin
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Heat treatment process innovation for energy savin
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#1 am 26.03.2020 um 02:45h
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It is the social responsibility of every enterprise to save energy and reduce consumption, and it is the concept that every heat treatment worker needs to establish, which runs through the whole working process and plays a guiding role. In 2013, in the supplement of metal processing (thermal processing), the article "clean production is the responsibility of heat treaters" summarized several methods of energy saving and consumption reduction. This paper summarizes the achievements of technological innovation in energy saving and consumption reduction from several examples. 1. Lightweight hanging tools of heat treatment tools When it comes to hanging tools for heat treatment, people's first reaction is to increase the cost, in fact, the comprehensive cost should be measured by the cost performance ratio, including the price of hanging materials, hanging life, hanging weight, parts load, product quality, energy conservation, labor intensity and other factors. The heat resistant steel of new material is chosen because of its good strength, can optimize the structure of hanging tools, reduce the weight of hanging tools to the greatest extent, and increase the loading quantity of each part. The weight of the hanger is reduced, and the heating energy consumption is reduced. The weight of the hanging tool is reduced, which reduces the labor intensity of the workers. The new material has good heat resistance and long service life. See table 1 for the cost performance of new and old hanging tools. The selection of stable and reliable quality hanging tools can also improve product quality. As is known to all, the equipment failure caused by the failure of hanging tools is one of the common faults of heat treatment equipment, such as the failure of hanging tools and the collision of parts produced by the broken parts, the subsequent reworking and reworking deformation of products in the furnace where the equipment is stopped, the scrap of parts and other quality losses, and the increase of energy consumption and labor cost due to the repair. 2. Innovation of direct quenching process For low alloy carburizing carbon steel, the carburizing process is generally heating → carburizing → cooling → quenching → tempering, the microstructure of the parts can be guaranteed. However, for medium and high alloy carburized carbon steel, in order to obtain qualified microstructure, the conventional carburizing process needs to add a secondary heating process or even add a high temperature tempering process, the process is heating → carburizing → cooling → high temperature tempering → heating → heat preservation → quenching → tempering. 20CrNi3, 17CrNiMo6, SAE4820H (20Ni4Mo) and other materials through process improvement, strict control of carburizing concentration, quenching temperature to achieve the carburized direct quenching process. 3. Significant energy saving and consumption reduction in scientific production The heat treatment power consumption accounts for more than 50% of the power consumption of each enterprise. In the daily production, if the heat treatment equipment frequently rises, drops, not only the electrical energy waste and the damage to the equipment is also great. For the carburizing equipment in each furnace after the recovery of furnace gas, not only caused the waste of auxiliary materials, and increased the exhaust gas emissions. Scientific production and reasonable adjustment of production organization are important ways to save energy. Scientific production approach such as reasonable ratio of equipment type according to the capacity, the number of equipment, balanced production, improve the effective carburizing time, reduce the idle and so on. read more:
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